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Old Residential Plumbing Problems

December 13, 2022
Older homes can have issues for the home service industry which is more evident than when it comes to plumbing. With all the advancements made in the field of plumbing in the past few decades, there's no reason to wonder why sometimes it is difficult for older Plumbing Services to keep pace, especially when you consider the evolving requirements of your family as well as regular wear and tear which takes place throughout homes through time.

The Five Most Common Plumbing Issues In Old Houses

1. Outdated Piping

If your home is more than 30 years old, you have a high likelihood that it was built with pipe materials that are believed to be defective in the present. One of the most dangerous was lead pipes, initially restricted in the 1920s, but it wasn't banned completely until 1986. As dangerous as lead can be, it is not as common as galvanized steel -- the kind of pipe that was the most common choice through the 1960s.

In a thick coating of zinc to safeguard your pipes and pipes, galvanized steel was discovered to be extremely destructive, resulting in higher levels of corrosion within the drinking water. In the years following, when galvanized steel came out of style and polybutylene was the preferred pipe material of choice.

While it first came into use in the 1970s and 1980s, polybutylene was the preferred choice in the 1980s and into the early 1990s. It was discovered that the materials the pipes were constructed of were not compatible with the chemical components of most public water supply systems which caused them to degrade and crack for years prior to when they could have. However, All City Plumbing provides an expert repiping service for upgrading your home's plumbing to a more durable PEX pipe that will last for years and decades.


2. Lead

Commonly used in pipes for sewers and mainlines of water lead is among the oldest metals utilized in pipes. Prior to the invention of blast furnaces that were capable of casting the iron, it was the ideal material for plumbing due to its malleability and long-lasting. Lead was also extensively used as an ingredient in the solder that was used in joining pipe fittings made of copper.

Unfortunately, lead is toxic, and can cause discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract and joints and fatigue, irritability, and loss of memory. It's particularly harmful to children and can cause serious difficulties with mental and physical development. While the US has been restricting the usage of lead from the 1920s onwards, however, it wasn't completely banned on a national scale until Congress modified 1986 the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1986.

4. Sewer Line Problems

Another problem that can be found with old houses with poor plumbing is those sewer pipes. Septic tanks and sewer lines need regular maintenance, clearing, and prompt repair in the event of damage.
Untreated sewer lines could eventually result in major leaks or backup flows. You might have to make extensive repairs if your pipelines are damaged. If the septic tank isn't removed for a long time this is another task that you must complete as soon as possible.

5. Drainage Blockages

The pipes and drains are clogged and appear frequently as the most prevalent plumbing problems that can be found in any home. The problems are bound to occur in older homes and especially when proper maintenance was not done. For Plumbing Installation Ajman cleaning out drains that are clogged isn't an enormous task, and it is a task that can be accomplished by any professional plumber.


6. Older Fixtures

It's the case it is true that antique fixtures usually constructed of stronger and superior materials than modern ones. But, they'll eventually begin to deteriorate as time passes and will eventually begin creating issues.
Handles break, washers fail, and valves wear out, leading to the smell of rotting and leaks. If you've got the original valve handles and faucets within your home, you might want to look into replacing them prior to any bad thing happening.

7. Poor Repairs Over The Years

The plumbing in your home is beyond the plumbers who performed work on your home before. Your plumbing is at the mercy of any repairs made whether they were good or not. The more seasoned your home is the more likely it is that it's been through massive plumbing issues.
If you have something that is particularly old, the house may be the victim of multiple repairs performed by multiple plumbers. It's impossible to gauge the amount of attention your pipes received. It's probably best to have a reputable expert plumber when you purchase an old home to identify any issues that might be occurring.