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The Best Lock For Your Home: Is Your Lock Really Safe?

November 10, 2022

As you finish the article, 64 homes will be broken into within the US in the last year alone. This alarming number recently released by the FBI is cause for anxiety, as more and more people ignore what is the most crucial security measure for their home: the lock that is on their door. In the majority of cases, it's not necessary to have James Bond lock-picking skills to gain entry into a home.
In this article, I break down the four most sought-after locks for homes in America currently. They are found on more than 90% of homes within the US and I'm able to almost be certain that your lock is among the four. I'll go over every lock in depth as well as its specifications and then - most importantly - how secure it is. Every lock was verified against five different threats to determine whether it was safe to break it with a non-destructive attack as well as a destructive manner.

My Locks That I Have Tested

When it came to deciding the locks to test, there was no pondering required. I've worked in various states and cities in the US over the last six years, and I've witnessed hundreds of thousands of locks being installed at the homes of our customers. Surprisingly, only a handful of locks control the US market, and more than 90% of residential locks are made by either Kwikset or Schlage. Even though Kwikset is a younger and smaller business than Schlage and Schlage, it is evident that it has a larger share of the market for residential locks likely due to its lower price. 4 out of 5 locks I see on doors is a regular Kwikset locks, and this was the lock I tested.

In 2008, Kwikset introduced a brand new line of locks dubbed "Kwikset SmartKey". These locks allow the owner to switch the lock's key to a brand new one in the event the key was lost, for instance, without contacting Locks Repair Brampton. Although it was initially released with serious security flaws, however, it quickly became one of the most sought-after locks currently available for use in homes. It's no surprise that Kwikset SmartKey was the second lock I tested.
The third lock on this list is the standard Schlage lock, which as I mentioned previously is likely to be the second most popular lock used in the US.
The final (but certainly not the least) in the listing comes from that of the Defiant deadbolt. The Defiant locks aren't nearly as widespread as Kwikset and Schlage lock, however, it appears that they've become more popular in recent times.


Deadbolts In Comparison To. Doorknobs

The majority of locksets come in two parts the deadbolt as well as an appropriate doorknob. Because of the mechanism, it is certain that a deadbolt will remain a more secure doorknob. When you're reading this at your home, I would suggest that you try a test that is simple in the following scenario: If you have doors that have the deadbolt and doorknob Open it, and then close both locks when the door is opened. Then, try pushing the bolt back inside the door. You can then repeat the process for the latch on the doorknob. You've probably noticed that when the bolt is locked, it isn't able to be pulled in, but the latch is able to be. This is one reason that a doorknob may be opened with credit cards, whereas deadbolts can't. Because a doorknob and deadbolt of the same manufacturer use the same manufacturing line, you can safely suppose that their weaknesses are similar also. That's why all the locks I've tested in the article were deadbolts. In the course of this article, I will be using the terms "lock and deadbolt in conjunction.

What I Tried To Test:

If you want to destroy the standard deadbolt there are typically five ways to do it:

1) Selecting It

While this isn't the most widely used method, it's certainly the most well-known method of breaking into. It's what you typically watch on TV shows, in which they smash into homes in just a few minutes. It requires two small tools: one for applying to the cylinder a turning force and the other to push the tumblers inside until the lock is opened.

2.) Ragging It

This method is similar to the one before however, rather than pushing every tumbler separately it's a tool that pushes two and more tumblers simultaneously, making the process speedier and more efficient.

3.) Then You Can Bump It

Bumping the lock is the most likely method of compromising the security of a lock. It's not difficult and you must are using a particular type of key, called a bump key. Luckily they're not that easy to get the grasp of but it's not impossible. They can also be created in a matter of moments by altering the design of a standard key. The main danger of bump keys is anybody is able to master them within a matter of minutes. Two bump keys that are one for Kwikset and the other for Schlage could unlock 90 percent of locking mechanisms in America. Isn't that scary?

4.) The Pick Gun

A pick Gun is a hand-held tool that resembles a small gun that has a long tip. This is a different tool utilized often by locksmiths to open locks. After you have inserted the gun's tip into the cylinder the correct way the only thing you have to do is push the trigger frequently to make the lock be unlocked within a matter of seconds.


5.) The Drilling

This procedure does not require much explanation. For locksmiths drilling a lock is typically an option last resort and is used only after all other options have been unsuccessful. But, it is the most commonly used method by burglars. There are several methods to drill the lock. If done properly, it will beat any lock in a matter of just a few minutes. It's crucial to keep in mind that there's a major distinction between drilling a lock as well as the other methods mentioned above that drilling a lock can be destructive and always leaves visible marks afterward. Other methods aren't destructive which means you don't know whether someone has broken into them
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It's A Test

Each of the four locks had to be tested for every attack. To ensure I didn't simply hit the jackpot, I repeated each attack three times in succession (Except when it came to drilling which was only performed once). For each attempt, I recorded the amount of time required to make a mistake, and finally determined the average time for each of the 3 attempts. For the test of drilling, I measured the time it took from the beginning to when the lock was fully opened.
Be aware that the fact that I'm not able to alter a lock in a particular way does not mean that it's impossible. I'm not sure if I'm able to be the greatest lock picker. But, if I pick locks to earn a living, I've been picking up 2-5 locks each day over the past six years, it's logical that if I'm not able to complete the task in an acceptable amount of time, the average burglar will not be able to do it either.
Following the testing of each deadbolt and prior to drilling it, I took it apart to check what tumblers were inside. The type of tumbler affects how secure the lock is. Certain locks come with specially designed tumblers known as "security pins" and the more there are in your lock the more difficult it is to break it in a safe way.
Its Results

Kwikset Standard Deadbolt

The typical Kwikset deadbolt lock is by far the most commonly used lock used in America. It or an earlier version is installed in thousands of homes across the United States. The results I'm about the present to you are, in my opinion shocking.